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Technology is loved by us! We're unashamedly nerdy about it. Thus we'll let you know what we think in a fair, impartial way. That is what we are about.

We are able to promise this because Technology512 may be the greatest UK-based client technology news and reviews site (and now rapidly growing in the usa and Australia), our editorial freedom reinforced by the fat of technology publisher Future plus objective test data from the Technology512 Labs.

Your skilled authors who function from our practices in Birmingham, Bath, Sanfrancisco, Newyork and Sydney perform under Potentialis 20-year old policy of a castiron promise of editorial independence.

You will be told by Technology512 about the hottest stuff that is new. We'll work difficult to bring unique access and you authentic rates. We will evaluate it more extensively and carefully than other people. We'll clarify how it operates and why you get it (or not). Then it is up to you. Add your own personal responses and views. Review equipment for yourself.